Outsourced HR Services For Small Businesses

Understanding HR

Very often in small businesses HR is handled by the business owner or picked up as an extra responsibility by an employee who is already employed full-time to do another job. So it doesn’t always get the level of attention that it should. This can be due to the fact that there isn’t a full appreciation of what Human Resources covers in a business.

For any small business what is vitally important is having the right systems and infrastructure in place so it doesn’t grind to a halt when an unexpected event arises. Unexpected employee related issues can often be a great cause of anxiety for small businesses to respond to. This is one of the reasons why such businesses should consider the option of outsourced HR services for small businesses.

Human Resources Activities

If you own or are working in a small business which finds itself dealing with a plethora of employee issues or even just a couple you will understand the impact this can have. If you are in this situation or want to avoid it then why not consider the hassle free approach of having outsourced HR services. The type of HR issues you could be faced with include:

  • Recruiting new employees
  • Setting up Induction Programmes for new starters
  • Putting in place a Performance Review System
  • Issuing legally compliant Contracts Of Employment
  • Carrying out Right To Work In The UK Checks
  • Implementing HR Policies and Procedures
  • Having An Employee Handbook
  • Dealing with complex employee issues such as a Disciplinary or Grievance

All of the above are critical to ensuring HR activities run smoothly in your business. But they are time consuming and distract business owners and management teams from focusing on growing the business.

The Solution

A viable and cost effective solution is available, outsourcing HR services to effective and fully qualified HR experts. The consequences of getting HR processes wrong or not having effective HR systems in place is too risky and time consuming to contemplate. Remove the risk today by using our outsourced HR services for small businesses solution.

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