Men Working Part-Time Is On the Increase

A change in working patterns amongst men is becoming more prominent according to a report published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). The report suggests that there will be a 20 percent increase in men working part-time by 2024 compared to 7 percent of women.

Part Time

This would seem to mirror the change many male workers are experiencing with regards to balancing careers with family life.

This could also have a direct link to shared parental leave now being available to employees’.

Historically it has been clear that part-time work has predominantly been fulfilled by women and has been at the lowest pay rates, but this report would now suggest that this trend is also beginning to change.

Key professional sectors such as IT, are expected to see a strong employment growth rate over the next decade and the correlation between more employment opportunities should see a spurt in part-time roles too.

It is clear that the traditional path that male workers have followed over the past century is changing and there is no longer the expectation that they will work full-time. Flexibility is becoming far more appealing to men and many are seeking to strike a balance in this area.

A good proportion of women are also becoming more career focussed. All of this is pointing towards a shift in how men and women view their approach to work and how they are wanting to deliver their work.

There is also an acknowledgement that there has been and will continue to be a significant increase in the number of women entering the workforce over the coming years.

Part-time work is fast becoming the preferred option for many workers and can have a very positive effect on people in terms of productivity at work, their performance and the results they achieve.

I have worked for employers in the past in both a full-time and part-time capacity. Despite my initial reservations of working part-time I can honestly say that it produced some of the best results I achieved for the Company.

I felt energised and focussed on the key priorities whilst at work and the fact I had fewer hours per week to achieve these results meant my time management skills improved significantly. I was super efficient and effective. I am not meaning to brag but just want to demonstrate how powerful working part-time can be.

For male workers who find themselves embarking on this path there are a great number of opportunities available to them from working part-time.

Striking a balance between work and personal life is going to have a positive impact on many people and will be one way of living a life which provides a richer hybrid between the two.

I hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any stories or personal experience of working part-time and the benefits or challenges it has provided then please get in touch.

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