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What Do Human Resources Do

Human Resources or its more commonly known abbreviation HR can be a bit of a mystery to some people. People often have a skewed perception of what human resources is and how it contributes to a business. The outdated view is of a Personnel Department carrying out lots of transactional processes such as payroll and admin tasks and simply carrying out the hiring and firing duties for the business. But there has been a transistion in the area of human resources and the question of what do human resources do is much more strategic and value added these days.

Yes there is always going to be an element of transactional tasks involved when delivering HR services, however there is much more translational elements to the area, such as in the development of employees and the shaping of company culture. Having a high performing business does not happen without a strong human resources strategy at its core. HR does cover a lot but to simplify this at StratHRgy Consultants we focus on

3 core service areas to support our clients and deliver real value to their businesses.

Human Resources Information Documents

There is no escaping the fact that lots of documents and records get generated within the human resources function but without them businesses struggle to operate effectively. Such information includes:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Handbook
  • Core Policies and Procedures

It is important that such information is kept up to date and is in compliance with current UK employment law requirements and is administered by qualified and accredited Human Resources Specialists.

Human Resources Advice and Guidance

It is all well and good having the correct policies and procedures in place but what is often the case is people like reassurance from HR professionals that how they are applying the procedures and issuing the documentation is correct and in keeping with the employment landscape. This is where a fully qualified Human Resources specialist is worth their weight in gold! HR professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide businesses through some complex issues and come through it having received the right level of protection and advice. In todays world and the constant changes in the legal employment framework there has never been more of a need than to get the right level of HR support.

Human Resources Consultancy Services

The skills of a HR professional doesn’t just cover compliance, protection and guidance of employment policies and procedures but are prevalent when a business requires human resources to apply and deliver the services. This is the ultimate level of receiving value within the HR arena. Some smaller business owners take it upon themselves to try and manage their own HR when they have just started employing people but soon realise that without the right level of support things begin to implode. Having a clear employee framework, vision and knowing how to manage this will save huge amounts of time and money. It takes several years for a HR professional to obtain the necessary qualifications and accreditation with the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), which all of our Consultants at StratHRgy Consultants have. So why would you even contemplate taking this road alone without some basic housekeeping in place first?

So in answer to the question what do human resources do, they help businesses operate at an optimum level by ensuring the correct level of operational and strategic HR support is in place. Putting HR at the heart of your strategy is a good starting point.

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