Employment Contract Writing

What Is A Contract Of Employment

Employment Contracts are an agreement that employers should have in place with all of their employees. They set out the key terms and conditions of employment between the two parties and act as a frame of reference if a dispute should ever arise such as what the length of notice periods are for an employee or clarification of statutory entitlements such as pay and holidays.

Avoid The Pitfalls

Often employers, particularly those who are just about to employ people for the first time don’t realise that providing a contract of employment to a new starter is very important, and as a minimum it is a legal requirement to provide a written statement of main terms and conditions to most employees within the first 2 months of their employment commencing. Failure to do this could result in a claim arising.

Choosing The Right Type Of Employment Contract

One of the reasons for delaying this could be that employers don’t necessarily know what should be included within an employment contract, nor do they know what type of employment contract fits their business needs best. This can be a minefield for employers and therefore having some simple guidance on what to include and what type of employment contract to use can save lots of time and hassle.

At Strathrgy Consultants we are experts in helping our clients identify the right employment contract for them and we remove the hassle for them by providing a bespoke employment contract writing service that is individual to them. Our employment contracts include all of the core statutory terms and conditions as well as tailor written clauses that suit the operational needs of the company they are written for.

The Benefits Of Having Contracts Of Employment

The benefits of having a well written employment contract are substantial:

  • They provide clearly outlined terms and conditions of employment that are legally binding and are referred to regularly to gain clarification.
  • Furthermore they are agreed to by both parties so no ambiguity arises should disputes occur.
  • Employment Contracts help support the employer in ensuring protection and legal compliance and gives a clear guidance to an employee about the legal requirements of the role they are carrying out for the employer.
  • Can be tailored to fit your business and operational needs.

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