Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is often referred to and there has definitely been an increase in people feeling stressed in their work environment over the past century. Our society as a whole has become much more frantic and people are struggling to fit everything into their busy lives.


Work is no exception and when it comes to delivering objectives and doing so to a high standard many people become stressed with the strain and pressures of their work. But should we just accept workplace stress as being a normal part of our daily lives or can we actively do something to relieve workplace stress for us and our employees?

Although avoiding workplace stress completely is unlikely to be achievable there are certain things we can do to help relieve workplace stress and to manage better. Some top tips shared through the NHS website include the following:

  1. Being Active
  2. Taking Control
  3. Connecting With People
  4. Having Some ‘You Time’
  5. Challenging Yourself
  6. Avoiding Unhealthy Habits
  7. Helping Others
  8. Working Smarter Not Harder
  9. Being Positive
  10. Accepting The Things You Cannot Change

Even if you select just one of the above stress relievers to focus on each week it will improve how you handle stress and help relieve work based stress to an extent. There is no magic pill that will fix stress for the long-term but making active attempts to tackle stress step by step will go some way towards reducing it.

Your employees might not even recognise when they are stressed so when you think they might benefit from a chat and perhaps share with them some of these stress busters they can start to actively manage stress for themselves too.

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