Managing Employment Law in your Business

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Key employment law issues for SME employers in 2017 – what business owners should be looking out for in the coming year 2016 was a big year for Employment Law and 2017 looks like it is going to be just the same.  From Brexit to the apprenticeship levy, Employment and Employment Law continues to be […]

Mothers Returning To Work Following Maternity Leave Is a Big Cause Of Anxiety

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A recent survey conducted by PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) has shown that 9 out of 10 mothers who have been on maternity leave and are due to return to work feel very anxious about the prospect. The main reasons provided for this are: Missing their children too much (61%) Finding suitable […]

Workplace Stress

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Workplace stress is often referred to and there has definitely been an increase in people feeling stressed in their work environment over the past century. Our society as a whole has become much more frantic and people are struggling to fit everything into their busy lives. Work is no exception and when it comes to […]

How Did Leicester City Win The Premiership?

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Even those of you who have no interest at all in football will have noticed that something quite exceptional has happened recently. Leicester City have won the Premiership and have officially been crowned the best football team in England. This is a far cry from where they found themselves last season and was certainly not […]

7 Tips on How to Run an Effective Meeting

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A staggering 2 years is how long on average an office worker is spending preparing and attending meetings. This was found following research conducted by eShare who recently surveyed 1005 office workers. Further statistics identified by the survey concluded that on average workers attended 3.7 meetings per week, 1 hour 9 minutes preparing for each […]

Men Working Part-Time Is On the Increase

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A change in working patterns amongst men is becoming more prominent according to a report published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). The report suggests that there will be a 20 percent increase in men working part-time by 2024 compared to 7 percent of women. This would seem to mirror the change many […]

Fun In The Workplace

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Who said work couldn’t be fun? It turns out that the more fun you have at work the more likely you are to feel more productive, motivated and less likely to be absent. Our wellbeing is so important to everything we do in our lives. The more we can benefit from being in a positive […]

How Flexible Is Your Workforce?

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A recent survey conducted by Lancaster University of 500 Managers from medium to large organisations within the UK found that they believe 70% of the UK’s workforce will be working flexibly by 2020. Furthermore 42 percent of respondents said that flexible working enabled them to get more done. It is not a surprise that there […]

Work Life Balance – What Does It Really Mean?

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How often have you heard the phrase Work Life Balance casually dropped into conversation? It is a commonly used term but what does it really mean and is it actually helpful? We live in a society that is quickly becoming less structured when it comes to our work day. For example how many mums like […]